Scuba XOC Dive Center Cozumel

Welcome to Scuba XOC Dive Center Cozumel!
  • Sea tTurtle swimming in a backdrop of clear blue water
  • Cleaner shrimp lingering on top of a sea anemone
  • Eagle ray underwater gliding close to the surface
Lionfish facing the camera next to a red sponge.


Welcome to Cozumel!
The largest populated island in the Mexican caribbean is a sanctuary for marine life small and big. With its lively reef system of striking natural beauty, Cozumel is any diver's paradise. Thriving with vibrant colors and breath-taking views, Cozumel's underwater world is a favorite of snorkelers and scuba divers year round. Come see for yourself!

Ongoing and upcoming Events:

Eagle rays soaring over the reefs
15 November - 15 April

The Winter is officially here, and with it schools of migrating eagle rays are soaring over the reefs. Come dive with them!

Two adult bull sharks underwater swimming along a line of scuba divers.
All Winter

They are here! Sign up for a dive with bull sharks, the thrilling experience of a lifetime!

Light beams shine on a static diver surronded by rock formations in a cenote.
Starting January 1st

Ferry tickets are cheaper than ever! This is the perfect time to visit the continent and go for cenote diving!